On 2 February 2024, the annual meeting for overseas global VIP customers of Zoomlion Foundation Construction Machinery Company was successfully held in Shanghai Songjiang Industrial Park. Chen Gang, general manager of the business unit, and Qiu Chunsheng, general manager of the overseas marketing company, gathered with overseas customers from more than 20 countries, including Saudi Arabia, Russia, Turkey, Mexico and India, to celebrate the ceremony. This meeting not only strengthened the communication and cooperation with overseas VIP customers, but also further demonstrated our latest technological innovations in the field of foundation construction machinery, and accelerated the expansion of the company’s products in the global marke

During the two-day tour, customers visited the park’s smart production lines for five major product categories, including rotary drilling rigs, full set of pipe full casing rotators, hydraulic grab trench cutters, static pile drivers, roadheaders,etc. Through the explainer’s detailed explanation and the customers’ personal operation experience, we let the customers feel the foundation construction of all kinds of products in close proximity, and get the customers’ wide recognition.They said that the visit gave them a more visualized understanding of Zoomlion’s product quality and enterprise strength. They have full confidence in choosing Zoomlion’s products and hope to cooperate with Zoomlion to develop the international market together.

Then we moved to the conference room, the company’s technical gurus, R & D experts introduced in detail the series of our foundation construction products, the latest R & D progress as well as our future product layout in various countries and face-to-face in-depth exchanges with the customer, so that the customer has a deeper understanding of our products.At the meeting, Chen Gang, General Manager of Zoomlion Foundation Construction Company Business Unit, delivered a speech, Mr Chen said, 2024 is a year full of challenges and opportunities, and I am also looking forward to establishing long-term and stable cooperation with more global partners to jointly develop a broader market and provide customers with better quality products and services.

We are confident that through our continuous efforts and pursuit of excellence, we will be able to further consolidate our leading position in the international market and achieve even more significant growth and expansion in the next few years.

At the end of the meeting, Qiu Chunsheng, the general manager of the overseas marketing company conducted the signing ceremony with the overseas customers. The signing ceremony is the trust of the overseas customers for our products, a reflection of the increasing competitiveness of the piling products in the international market, and a sign of the determination and strength of our enterprises to expand the overseas market.

We believe that through the joint efforts of both parties, the cooperation will achieve fruitful results and mutualbenefits. (This article is from the official website of Jiandao: www.seetao. com. Reproduction without permission is not allowed, otherwise it will be punished. Please indicate Jiandao’s website and the original link when reprinting.) Jiandao’s mechanical column editor/Zhou Yingwen